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Property Surveys

Property surveys, also called boundary surveys, are used to show boundaries of a real property in which a surveyor and mapper have determined the position of a boundary of real property in complete accord with the real property description.

There could be various reasons why one would want or need a boundary survey, but the most common are when work is being done on or modifications are to be made to an existing structure. In most cities and municipalities a survey is required to obtain the proper work permits.

Depending on where you live, often times when purchasing a home, the lender will also require an up to date survey of the property before the sale closes.

Some common needs for a property survey could include:

  • Adding an addition on to an existing structure.
  • Permitting required for any of the following: Fence, pool or driveway.
  • Buying a new home
  • Pre-developement

Property Disputes

Occasionally we come across instances where neighbors are in disagreement over their property lines and who should have access to a certain piece of property. This can commonly happen when one neighbor wants to build a fence on their property and their neighbor may not agree with the established line. In these instances a property survey can help in establishing the correct property lines to help settle the dispute and allow for any work on the property in question to commence.

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